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Taoiseach: A decision on continuing Greek crisis must be made this week


Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said a decision on the continuing Greek crisis must be made this week.

Mr Kenny said the current hardships being faced by the Greek people were being exacerbated by the instability.

He accepted that a decision may not be made by tonight but said it was important that some deal by reached this week.

“I’m concerned, really concerned that the decision in this matter should be made this week. How can that happen, it can only happen when there is a credible set of propositions put on the table, that those propositions are in line with the general objectives of the Eurozone and European Union but that also are sustainable for Greece and for its people,” he said.

“The real hardship now is being caused by instability and that’s affecting the ordinary people in Greece, nobody wants to see this continue so it does require decisiveness and I hope that it can be concluded this week,” he added.

Mr Kenny, who flies out to Brussels this afternoon, said he had sympathy for the ordinary Greek citizen but pointed to the difficult decision made by Ireland in recent years.

“I’ve sympathy for the fact that the ordinary citizens in Greece are now feeling the real hardship here and that results because of instability and that’s a really important issue for people to consider in any country when you deal with these kinds of negotiations.

“I’ve made the point on many occasions in the past Ireland in a comparative sense had very difficult choices to make everybody will recall that just a few short years ago this country was banded together with other countries.

"We have now left that group and we left that because the Irish people were prepared to make difficult decisions which have now resulted in the country moving in the right direction, still fragile but in a very much better spot than we were a short time ago,” he added.

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