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Some tipples are better left alone

The Punt recalls a trip to Brussels once with Coca-Cola. The visitors were invited to concoct their own beverages – select the right bottle (choose the wrong one and the fizz and pressure can be a recipe for disaster), and the name.

The Punt went with 'Fresco', which it's still waiting to see if the drinks giant launches some day. One can only live in hope.

Innovation plays a key role in developing new products to keep consumer lines fresh. It doesn't always go according to plan, of course. But, The Punt is interested to read this week of the Diageo technical laboratory in England.

The Bloomberg piece notes how drinks created in the past five years account for half of Diageo's sales. Diageo boffins – or 'liquid developers' – took three years, 839 formulations and analysed 300 types of chocolate to create Baileys Chocolat Luxe.

"Competition to tempt drinkers means ideas are getting quirkier," notes the article. "Pernod Ricard's US innovators released new variants of Polish vodka Oddka, including fresh cut grass and electricity, which tingles on the tongue," it notes.

Could Pernod have something in store for Jameson, one of its biggest selling products? The Punt hopes not. It tingles enough already.

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