Thursday 23 November 2017

Sky's the limit for TV's Twitter tool

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'Orange is the new Black'
'Orange is the new Black'
Paddy Power was rapped on the knuckles for its take on the Oscar Pistorius trial.
Ryan Giggs featured in the latest Paddy Power campaign.
Sarah McCabe

Sarah McCabe

SKY is trialling a new Twitter tool that lets customers watch or record TV shows, matches or events just by clicking icons contained within a tweet, the first time such a service has launched in Ireland.

The service is just one in a series of measures being rolled out by broadcasters and networks in an attempt to tap into the Twitter activity associated with TV shows – which Twitter benefits from in terms of advertising, even though it doesn't pay to create the programmes. Twitter activity jumps massively during the broadcast of popular shows as users discuss plot developments – tweets per minute about 'Breaking Bad' hit about 22,000 when its finale aired on the US east coast.

The Sky service is now available on tweets carrying the #WatchOnSky hashtag. Users can tap on an icon within the tweet that links directly to a viewing service for the show, or to a link that remotely sets their Sky box to record.


PADDY Power got a slap on the wrists this week when the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) reprimanded it over a controversial ad that played on the publicity surrounding the Oscar Pistorius trial. The ASAI received 65 complaints on the ad, which said "It's Oscar time", "Money back if he walks" and "We will refund all losing bets on the Oscar Pistorius trial if he is found not guilty".

But Paddy Power, like Ryanair, is not a company that is particularly sensitive to being publicly chastised. Days later it was back on the offensive, with an admittedly witty and widely circulated tweet on the appointment of Ryan Giggs, pictured, as temporary manager of Manchester United. "It's a shame that Giggs' first three games in charge are at Old Trafford. He's always excelled at playing away from home" it said.

The ASAI's latest list of upheld complaints regarding advertising standards breaches makes for interesting reading – and shows that small companies are not immune. Alongside Paddy Power and Aer Lingus – which was admonished regarding an ad for cheaper fares – was a firm called Healthier Smoker Limited, which had advertised the comparative health of e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. The complainant said the advertising was misleading and lacking in substantiation. He asked how the advertisers could state that smoking e-cigarettes was healthier than smoking regular tobacco-based products when nicotine was the basis for both and queried whether there were long-term health studies available on the subject. The ASAI's upholding of the complaint goes some way in clarifying what is acceptable when advertising this product.


VODAFONE customers could soon be watching 'Orange Is The New Black' and 'House Of Cards' for free. The country's biggest mobile network is reportedly in talks with Netflix to offer subscribers access to its bank of movies and television shows. The deal will give Vodafone customers free access to Netflix content for a period of time, according to sources quoted by Bloomberg, who asked not to be named because the agreement isn't final.

Vodafone is rapidly adding more content to its line-up. This latest news comes just months after a deal with music streaming service Spotify, which sought to win over customers with a free subscription to Spotify in exchange for signing up to a high-speed Vodafone contract.

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