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Pepsi chief warms to summer summit

Pepsi's chief executive, Indra Nooyi, offered a solution to get more women to attend Davos in the future -- hold it in the summer months.

Half seriously, as she glanced at her elegant footwear, the women considered to be one of the world's most powerful chief executives, wondered whether icy streets and arctic temperatures appealed to men more than to the fairer sex.

"It's not very conducive to women, all the snow and ice. If it was a summer Davos, there might be more of us," she said.

Technology good for learning -- Gates

Bill Gates made a passionate speech to those gathered at Davos, stressing that the use of technology and learning from other countries are two good ways to boost the US education system.

Just as he was about to leave the podium, he remembered the most significant thing he was supposed to say -- The Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation was making a new $100m (€74m) commitment to the fight against polio.

Wine is back and it goes down a treat

The Davos Wine Forum event, which was re-instated after a short cancellation in deference to the global financial crisis, got back into full swing this week -- and it is certainly known to be one of the more enjoyable gigs. Top executives were delighted. They were well behaved bunch by all accounts.

There was little sniffing and sipping done -- it was all about its appearance. They cared little for how the wine tasted; the label and the price said it all.

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