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Sunday 8 December 2019

Men streets ahead of women at achieving professional contacts

Paula Rogo

WHEN it comes to professional networking, men around the world are savvier than women, according to new data.

Business networking site LinkedIn, which analysed information from members in 13 countries, found men were the overwhelming winners in networking.

"Men are broader and quicker at assessing if there is an opportunity," said Nicole Williams, the firm's connection director.

The company, which has more than 100 million members worldwide, defined online professional networking savviness by a ratio of the number of connections men and women have, and the ratio of male to female members on the site.

They found that women, often seen as better communicators and relationship builders, are more likely to be scared of rejection and thus reluctant to reach out.

With job marketing still struggling, Williams said "You have to actively be looking for people ."

When it came to making contacts among executives, women were savviest in Australia, the Netherlands and Britain, while men were ahead in Italy.

The findings also showed that the minority sex in certain industries were often more aggressive and successful networkers.

For example, women in Brazil and Canada, in the assumedly male-dominated ship-building industry, make the most contacts.


"As the minority, you are using any and every available resource," Williams explained.

"You are looking at all opportunities."

She cited a similarly surprising example in the US cosmetics industry, where men are the most effective networkers but women excelled in the ranching and tobacco industries .

The US, Canada, France, Germany, India, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Britain were included in the study. (© Reuters)

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