Monday 23 October 2017

Insurers 'need diverse boards'

The Bank of England
The Bank of England

Huw Jones

The Bank of England has said insurers in Britain should hire a wide range of board members to avoid "group-think" and improve how companies are run.

The BoE, which supervises insurers, proposed changes to its rules that make senior managers at insurers directly accountable for their actions.

British companies in general have been urged by the government to appoint more women board members to boost diversity.

Shareholder advisory group PIRC last month criticised Britain's largest insurer Prudential for the absence of a target to increase the number of women on its board.

The Bank of England proposed that insurers should have a policy of considering a "broad set of qualities and competencies" when recruiting board members, and have a policy to promote diversity among board members.

The Bank said diverse boards would provide a more effective challenge to management and bring a broader set of perspectives.

These should help boards to identify a wider range of risks and be better able to understand their impact, which would in turn provide greater protection for policy holders, the BoE said in a consultation paper. (Reuters)

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