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Hollywood studios go toe-to-toe for slice of booming Irish box office

THE summer blockbuster season has kicked off with gusto this weekend, as Hollywood's biggest guns are rolled out in a bid to win the biggest share of the Irish box office.

Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman is pitted against the long-awaited Alien prequel Prometheus this weekend, with Sony pictures waiting in the wings with The Amazing Spiderman and Warner Brothers' The Dark Knight Rises due next month.

However, the blockbusters will have their work cut out, trying to catch superhero actioner Avengers Assemble, which has surged passed the €3m mark at the Irish box office.

Box office figures for April show a jump of 27.1 per cent in the number of admissions compared to 2011. Last year, 16.25 million people went to the cinema, down slightly from the 16.5 million admissions in 2010.

It seems to show that the 415 cinema screens in Ireland don't need rainy weather to get bums on seats.

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