Thursday 22 August 2019

Fancy your skinny latte with a nitrogen injection? Starbucks expanding cold coffee offering

Starbucks logo (Stock image)
Starbucks logo (Stock image)

Leslie Patton

Starbucks is expanding its test of nitrogen-infused cold coffee, as it deals with slowing sales growth in the US and a saturated coffee market.

So far demand for the non-alcoholic has been popular.

The coffee giant is planning on bringing the offering to almost 1,500 locations in the US by the end of 2017, up from less than 1,000 currently.

The drink, which will be poured on-tap, is part of a surge in cold coffee drinks.

Since Starbucks brought in cold-brew coffee across the US in 2015 sales have grown by 25pc annually.

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Included in the cold category is iced coffee, cold brew and nitro cold brew, all of which are assisting Starbucks in combating its slow down in growth in the US.

The nitrogen-infused java is stored in a keg behind the cafe counters. However, due to the special equipment required for the coffee, it may not be possible to make the coffee available in all Starbucks shops.

The nitro drinks will also be available in some of Starbucks international markets including Colombia.

The company is also increasing a test of nitrogen-infused flat white coffee and peach tea to around 30 locations after an initial trial in a Seattle Starbucks cafe.


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