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Monday 21 January 2019

Famous names line up to show their creative side at Cannes Festival

Reality TV face Kim Kardashian is in the French resort to talk about her new app
Reality TV face Kim Kardashian is in the French resort to talk about her new app

Tania Banotti

What do former US presidential candidate Al Gore, Marilyn Manson, Kim Kardashian and the founder of Tinder have in common? They're all here in Cannes this week to speak at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

The world's largest advertising festival attracts 12,000 delegates and about the same number to fringe events. It's quite a daunting experience. The world's most creative and successful advertising from 100 countries in all formats: press, outdoor, PR, direct, radio and branded content on display.

The judges have to assess thousands of pieces of creative. Meanwhile, the rest of us are faced with a smorgasbord of talks on every subject under the sun. Al Gore will be talking about the role of communication in environmental campaigning. Musician Marilyn Manson will discuss the reaction he generates and Kim Kardashian, who adds tech entrepreneur to her other CV with her new app 'Kim Kardashian Hollywood' with over 28m downloads globally.

The founder of Tinder pointed out it took McDonald's over 60 years to serve 8bn meals but it only took Tinder two years to reach 8bn matches. Best talk so far came from Peter Kim, chief digital officer from Samsung's ad agency Cheil in South Korea, on what's in store for social media. Today's sites are worth billions and are vital to brand building. Social media is no longer a 'free' channel. Organic reach of customers on social media sites isn't enough. Now brands will 'pay to play', meaning they will pay a lot for advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tinder to ensure their material is seen.

Social media as we know it will be gone in 10 years. It will be

• Shoppable. We'll be doing a lot of our buying through social media platforms

• Snackable. Get it. Digest it. Move on.

• Filtered. Consumers will filter what they hear and see, or it will be done for us by programmatic systems where things deemed to be irrelevant to consumers are removed.

• Integrated. Social media will be the customer relation management system driving platforms and relationships.

• Automated. Taking advantage of the rise of artificial intelligence and computers writing software for themselves.

• Sub-cutaneous. The current craze is about wearables. The next step is 'implantables' into both things and people: the so-called internet of things.

Finally, Kim predicts we'll all go beyond selfies - which came as a great relief to many here!

Tania Banotti is CEO of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI).


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