Friday 20 September 2019

EU-wide recall of 60,000 Porsche vehicles over excessive pollutants emissions

Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Cayenne Business Desk

German authorities have ordered the EU-wide recall of 60,000 Porsche vehicles after finding they emitted excessive pollutants due to software that turned down emission controls during driving.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority said it discussed "impermissible defeat devices" that led to increased emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides at Volkswagen's Porsche sports car division.

The mandatory recall covers 6,755 4.2-litre V8 diesel Cayenne vehicles from 2015 and 2016, and 52,831 3.0-litre V6 diesel Macans.

The vehicles affected were certified under the Euro 6 standard. Porsche's engines are made by Volkswagen's Audi luxury division.

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