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Emission levels matter, including to your wallet


Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

For now, considering that Volkswagen's cheating on the emissions of nearly half a million cars was in the US, we must suspend any preconceptions we have about Europe.

But the sooner Volkswagen in Europe come out and clarify the situation the better.

Emissions are an integral part of our Irish motoring structure.

They determine how much we pay for our new cars. Our Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) is based on emissions. So is our road tax for new cars.

Ask any salesperson and they will tell you one of the first questions from a potential buyer is: "How much is the road tax?"

There has long been criticism of how fuel consumption and emissions are calculated by manufacturers.

Many carmakers go to extremes - such as testing on ultra smooth roads using lowest resistance tyres -that cannot be replicated in everyday driving.

More realistic testing should mean more realistic consumption and CO2 figures. Unfortunately that could mean higher VRT and road tax. But that is the price we'll pay for accuracy.

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