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Disney 'to lose $200m' in film flop

WALT Disney has said it expects to lose $200m (€151m) on its movie 'John Carter', making it one of the biggest flops in cinema history. The film, about a military captain transported to Mars, could result in an $80-120m loss for Disney's movie business during the current quarter. Disney shares were down almost 1pc in early trading in New York. The firm is still likely to make a substantial quarterly profit, though, thanks to its TV businesses.

Nissan to revive the low-cost Datsun


NISSAN has announced a plan to revive Datsun as a low-cost marque, 31 years after removing it from its line-up. The Japanese carmaker said the brand's reputation for value and reliability would help it in emerging markets. Datsun models will be sold in Indonesia, Russia and India from 2014.

British inflation hits 15-month low


LOWER electricity and gas bills helped drag the overall rate of inflation in Britain to a 15-month low last month, official figures showed. The consumer prices index rate of inflation dipped to 3.4pc, compared to 3.6pc in January, the Office for National Statistics said, as E.ON and Scottish Power cut their tariffs. Cheaper air fares and discounts on digital cameras also pulled the rate lower, but a record January to February rise in alcohol prices, driven by spirits, held back further declines.

Date extended for submissions on law


THE closing date for submissions to the Government's Copyright Review Committee looking at a change to copyright law has been extended to May 31. The move came "following a large number of requests", the committee said. Research and Innovation Minister Sean Sherlock announced the consultations earlier this month as part of a review of the law. A public meeting on the Committee's Consultation Paper will be held on next Saturday at 10am in Trinity College. Attendance is free and open to anyone interested in the work of the committee but registration is necessary.

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