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Digicel and Netxar to work together

DIGICEL has taken a controlling stake in Netxar Technologies, a systems integrator in the Caribbean region, it was announced yesterday. Effective immediately, the two companies will work together to achieve even "greater business success" and market share in the region.

Employees charged with insider trading


US prosecutors have charged four hedge fund employees with insider trading in a widening probe into illegal trading of information on Wall Street. Charges against two of the portfolio managers include obstruction of justice, federal prosecutors in Manhattan said yesterday.

Toyota's problems were all mechanical


UNINTENDED acceleration in Toyota vehicles was rooted in mechanical flaws rather than electronic defects, a US investigation found. NASA, the US space agency, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said a 10-month probe of defects that led to recalls of more than eight million vehicles found no electronic causes.

Obama plans $53bn modern rail network


PRESIDENT Barack Obama will ask Congress next week to approve a six-year, $53bn (€38.8bn) programme for construction of a national high-speed and intercity rail network, vice-president Joe Biden said. Under the budget proposal, about $8bn would be spent in the first year to develop or improve interconnected rail corridors.

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