Monday 23 October 2017

Chambers in call on employer costs

BUSINESS body Chambers Ireland has called on the Government to maintain a stable job environment by not increasing any employment costs in next month's Budget.

Deputy chief executive Sean Murphy said: "Ireland is now in its third consecutive quarter of job growth, albeit from very low levels, and Budget 2014 should continue to support this by not introducing any disincentives to recruitment. Measures such as hiking employers' PRSI and/or changing the current sick pay regime for employers must not be considered in the Budget."



SMALL American businesses took on more loans in July, pushing a US index of borrowing to a six-year high and adding to evidence that the economic recovery is on firmer ground.

An influential index which measures the volume of financing to small companies rose 11pc in July to its highest level since August 2007.

Because small companies typically take out loans to buy new tools, factories and equipment, more borrowing could signal more hiring ahead. Borrowing has been boosted by near zero short-term interest rates.



AMAZON might have started outselling old-fashioned paper novels, but it is now pushing people to swap their physical libraries for digital ones in order to shore up its dominant market position.

From October the online retailer will allow people to replace the paper books they have ordered from the website in the past with digital titles, at a hefty discount.

The Kindle BookMatch scheme, which is available to customers with one of Amazon's Kindle e-reader devices, will make more than 10,000 books available for less than €2.50 or free. The service will launch in the US before rolling out to other countries.

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