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Brown tops vote -- but as worst-dressed man

It's one poll he probably doesn't want to top -- Gordon Brown was named the worst-dressed man of the year.

Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, Take That, Bond star Daniel Craig, the Prince of Wales and even Ronnie Corbett made it into GQ's best-dressed list.

But Britain's Prime Minister moves up the rankings from third worst-dressed last year to being the worst-dressed man in the 2010 poll, for being "anything but a prime example of British style".

He is joined by one of his "best friends", French president Nicolas Sarkozy, in third place, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il (eighth).

The worst-dressed list also includes comic Russell Brand (second); London Mayor Boris Johnson (fourth) for being "Charlie Chaplin . . . with a touch of Laurel and Hardy, more Hardy than Laurel"; and the 'Top Gear' team (fifth).

Chat-show host Jonathan Ross, who was officially the worst-dressed man of 2009, escaped the list this year.

Mr Brown's political foe David Cameron was eighth on the best-dressed list, which was topped by 23-year-old 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson.

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