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Bank of England to quiz fund managers


Bank of England

Bank of England


Bank of England

The Bank of England said it plans to quiz British asset managers about whether they could cope with a flood of investors asking for their money back in times of market stress.

The central bank said it was concerned that some financial markets - including those for fixed income assets -- may be less liquid than they looked, but that funds had promised they could return investors' money at short notice.

The BoE has warned about potential fragile liquidity for some time, but this marks the first time it has publicly asked investment funds how they could cope with sudden calls for cash from investors.

"The committee remains concerned that investment allocations and pricing of some securities may presume that asset sales can be performed in an environment of continuous market liquidity, although liquidity in some markets may have become more fragile," the BoE said.

The call came in a quarterly statement from the BoE's Financial Policy Committee.

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