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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Aryzta seeks dismissal of Chicago pay case that co-defendant says is 'flawed'

John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Aryzta, owner of the Cuisine de France brand, has called for a class action lawsuit initiated against it in the United States by a former worker at one of its facilities to be dismissed.

The lawsuit claimed that Aryzta and a third-party personnel provider failed to pay minimum wage and overtime entitlements and breached other labour laws when Aryzta owned the so-called Cloverhill production facilities in Chicago.

Aryzta's co-defendant in the case - Labor Network Personnel Services - has also asked for the case to be dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this year by Guadalupe Cruz, with the case seeking to attach more potential claimants who may have worked at the facilities.

Labor Network has told a Chicago court that the claims made in the lawsuit are "fundamentally flawed and should be dismissed in their entirety".

Lawyers for the firm added: "Plaintiff attempts to turn what is at most a routine individual pay dispute into a class action by simply speculating that other employees also were not paid properly."

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