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Airbnb makes party ban permanent


A woman at the Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco Photo: REUTERS

A woman at the Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco Photo: REUTERS

A woman at the Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco Photo: REUTERS

Airbnb has permanently banned parties in homes listed on its platforms following a temporary policy which was first introduced during the pandemic.

Since then, reports of parties in Airbnb properties in Ireland have dropped by 49pc.

In August 2020, the platform banned all parties and events in Airbnb listings across the world to comply with Covid restrictions.

The move, which the platform said was “in the best interest of public health” came as people rented homes for gatherings while nightclubs and restaurants were shut.

Since the ban was put in place, reports of parties in Airbnbs have fallen by almost half in Ireland. This is higher than the global drop in reports of 44pc.

In the UK, the number of parties reported in listed properties fell by 63pc since the ban.

The platform said the move to make the party ban permanent had become “a bedrock community policy” for hosts and neighbours.

Previously, it was at the host’s discretion to authorise parties but in 2019, Airbnb prohibited open-invite parties that shared the location of an Airbnb on social media, as well as locations that were constantly hosting parties.

“Today’s announcement makes clear that there is no place for disruptive parties on Airbnb,” said general manager for Northern Europe Amanda Cupples.

“Since being introduced, the ban has led to a reduction in reported incidents and helped minimise the impact of noise and nuisance issues on communities,” she added.

Airbnb also introduced a 16-person occupancy cap in summer 2020 due to concerns around Covid-19 but this will be lifted as part of the company’s new policies.

Last week, Cupples told the Irish Independent that Airbnb is looking for government reforms here so the platform can ban non-registered property owners from listing on the site.

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