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Working the social media getting pinterested

Pinterest is certainly the hottest social media network of 2012. With Michelle Obama becoming its latest user earlier this week, surely it's time for your business too.

Let's take the example that your business sells photo prints and/or art, how do you get started?

Start by ensuring you complete your description fully with as much information about your business as possible with its website and other social networks.

Create a "board" that is directly related to your company with digital images of your products and ensure your board is in the category that best describes your business.

Images with human faces get far more views than any others so bear this in mind when pinning images to your boards.

If you have nothing to pin immediately, create a "re-pin" board and start by browsing for interesting images in your category and re-pin them to start getting traffic. When you re-pin, ensure you place your website in the description to assist in your website going viral.

Any hashtags that your business uses in other social networks should be added to the descriptions of all your pins and re-pins.

Finally, ensure you connect Pinterest with your Facebook timeline to attract your current Facebook connections.

Paul O'Mahony co-founded SocialMediaFrontiers.com. You can reach him on www.facebook.com/ SocialMediaFrontiers or at www.Twitter.com/Paulatsmf

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