Friday 24 January 2020

WATCH: Cyberpsychologist, Dr. Mary Aiken, on the worrying effect of the internet on human behaviour

How much is too much? Is our dependency on digital media and cyber worlds leading to changed human behaviour for the worse?

World renowned cyberpsychologist, Dr. Mary Aiken, explains that when technology interacts with a base human disposition it gets both amplified and escalated online which means it has worrying effects for the future of society.

"The same holds for criminal behaviour and law enforcement says we are facing a tsunami of criminality coming online down the line," she says.

"Does the internet cause bad behaviour or merely shine a bright light into the darkest reaches of the human psyche?  Are we all just game of thrones underneath it all?"

Dr. Mary Aiken will be speaking at Dublin Info Sec 2016, Ireland's leading cyber security conference in the RDS on 15th November.

See for full line-up and ticket details.

Dr. Mary Aiken's book, The Cyber Effect, published by John Murray, is out now.


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