Monday 20 November 2017

Unhappy at work? Here are five ways your job could be making you miserable

Michael Cogley

Michael Cogley

Being able to shut work out completely when you're finished is an incredible skill that seems to be granted to just a select few. That skill is increasing in rarity too as smartphones and tablets now mean the office is essentially with us wherever we go.

Being happy in the workplace has now become more important than ever as a bad work environment can cling on to you even after you've left.

Here are a few ways your job could be making you extremely unhappy.


The be all and end all to most when it comes to contract negotiations. Despite what some may say about money not buying you happiness it can buy you comfort.

Achievement deserves reward and if you've become a more valuable asset to the company without seeing any monetary benefit it can dishearten the best of us.

Sheets of five dollar notes are fed through a sorting machine at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C., U.S.

Working too much

We generally won't have a choice in this. Since the crash most people have seen their duties reach well beyond what used to take them a standard eight hours to complete.

Working overtime can be seen as a given in some workplaces and it will naturally eat into your free time and tire you out further when off.

Being run down

Working lots, eating badly and sleeping poorly. All this can add up to one thing, becoming run down. This will undoubtedly wain on your happiness.

It's hard to get out, exercise and blow off steam when you're all out of juice.


Broken record

If your job is bugging you, you'll likely make it your business for others to know that. If you're constantly complaining about work life, colleagues, hours it's probably a good sign, albeit an obvious one, that you're unhappy in your job.

Work can leave you like a broken record saying the same thing over and over again.

Not easy like Sunday morning

If your Sundays have been wrecked by anxiety of having to go back to work on Monday it too is probably a good indicator that work isn't completely satisfactory.

Don't get me wrong, even those that love their job can find it hard to get in the groove for Monday, but if it's hampering you so much so that it's all you can think about on Sunday it may be something that needs addressing.

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