Monday 21 January 2019

Ulster Bank 'working hard' to fix payment delays

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ULSTER Bank has said it is "working hard" to fix an issue which has left some customers without their wages.

An issue on Friday led to a delay with payments being processed by the bank.

In a statement the bank said:

“We are aware there are delays with some payments sent from Ulster Bank not being processed as expected. We’re working hard to fix this, we apologise to customers and we are grateful for their patience.”

The issue relates to some Friday payments.

A spokeswoman for the bank said that once there is more information on a time-line for the issue to be fixed customers will be informed.

A number of irate customers have taken to social media to quiz the bank on the reason for the delay and the time-line for it to be fixed.

In one response a team member of the bank's social media team said on Saturday morning:

"Rest assured it is not something sinister, our investigating team are working on a fix and to find the cause of the delays, once we have further info we'll let you know."

One business owner who banks with Ulster Bank said that those who also bank with Ulster Bank received their wages but those who bank elsewhere did not.

"For people who live on their weekly wages it's not fair," she said.

Several employees have been in touch with concerns over rent and other bills and the company has offered cash to tide anyone affected over but many were gone home for the weekend before the issue was fully realised the concerned employer said.

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