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Twitter reveals details of data requests from Irish government


Twitter has revealed that it did not receive any requests from the Irish government or police in relation to user account information between July and December of last year.

The social network also revealed that it received just one request from Irish authorities for the removal of content on Twitter during the same period.

The revelations come as Twitter released new data on the scale of requests from authorities relating to security investigations or copyright violations. Such requests are typically made as part of ongoing Garda investigations or legal action relating to copyrighted material.

Ireland’s low government interaction with Twitter stands in contrast to 56 separate requests made by the British government relating to 117 Twitter accounts during the same six month period. And 833 requests were made by US authorities relating to Twitter account information connected to 1,323 different accounts.

However, the figures reveal that 80pc of all content-removal requests made to Twitter during the last six months of 2013 were made by French authorities.

“Our latest transparency report includes two years of data covering global government requests for account, worldwide requests to withhold content, and copyright takedown and counter notices we’ve received,” said a statement from Twitter. “Over the past 24 months, we’ve received a 66pc increase in requests for account information coming from more than 45 different countries impacting over 6,400 accounts around the world.”

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