Wednesday 21 March 2018

Twitter outage leaves social media lovers at a loss

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A technical issue on Twitter this evening left many users of the popular social media platform unable to express their distress.

From around 9:20PM to 9:35PM today, Twitter users experienced issues viewing and sending Tweets on and Twitter’s mobile apps.

The platform, often used for breaking news, global updates and celebrity spats was eerily quiet as regular users could not even access posts for updates on the outage.

Intermittent service allowed several tweets to break through the fault silence but, for many twitterati, their account would not stay 'up' long enough to browse them.

The fifteen minutes gap may not seem very long but, for ardent Twitter users, it felt like an eternity.

Many who realised the platform was 'down' kept posting tweets as they would do if their account was still online.

"I'm really sorry you guys but I kept manually retweeting during the outage," posted @johntabin, together with an offline screen grab. 

Others joked about what they did during those 'free' fifteen minutes when they weren't glued to their Twitter feed.

"So weird to think how many of us just got pregnant during the Twitter outage of 2014, right?" posted @michmarkowitz.

While @Olivianuzzi shared that her online community reverted to more 'traditional' methods.

"I have never replied or gotten replies to as many emails as I did during that Twitter outage," she later tweeted.

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