Theresa May tells US business leaders: 'Post-Brexit UK will offer lowest rate of corporation tax in the G20'

Theresa May is wooing American business leaders (Paul Grover/AP) Newsdesk

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised that the post-Brexit United Kingdom will offer the lowest rate of corporation tax in the G20.

Speaking in New York this afternoon, Mrs May said: “You will access service industries and a financial centre in London that are the envy of the world, the best universities, strong institutions, a sound approach to public finance and a consistent and dependable approach to high standards but intelligent regulation.’’

She added that "post-Brexit Britain will be an unequivocally pro-business Britain."

She stated that Britain will adopt a new immigration system to ensure businesses can "attract the best talent".

"We will put in place a new immigration system that will allow businesses and universities to attract the brightest and best to the UK," she told business leaders in New York.

She repeated her message that she was confident Britain would be able to strike a good post-Brexit trading agreement with the EU but said her government was ready for a no-deal outcome.

Ireland's corporate tax rate is currently at 12.5pc - almost half the rate of other European countries' rates.

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