Tuesday 20 August 2019

The Punt: Year's a very long time in politics

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. Photo: Steve Humphreys

A year later and all is silence. Twelve months after Willie Walsh sneaked Aer Lingus out from under our collective noses, the anniversary passed with little or no fanfare.

Aer Lingus marked the date by announcing new routes and fresh investment, but you know, other than that, the reaction was pretty subdued.

Too subdued for Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes, who at a meeting in Dublin on Thursday lambasted political opponents of the sale of the State's stake in the airline.

"According to Sinn Féin's Dessie Ellis TD, IAG had no interest in staying in Ireland. He even claimed that Sinn Féin would hold a referendum on the issue. If Sinn Féin were ever in Government we would have a referendum every day."

TD Claire Daly called the sale "pure treachery". Deputy Paul Murphy called for "a veto on further privatisation".

Donald Trump also advised the Government not to sell, he noted.

The day the music died

We've all done it. Lost priceless shots of a new-born or vital business notes thanks to over reliance on smartphones. For all their smarts the devices are infinitely vulnerable to hazards ranging from toilet drops to the tender ministrations of unruly toddlers.

Well it turns out it really can happen to anyone, even Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. The metal god's contribution to the band's tenth studio album - the aptly named 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct' - had to be scaled back after he lost his phone.

It was apparently the only repository of scores of riffs he'd come up with during writing sessions for the album.

"It's never a good feeling when something that we work hard at and you put so much time invested and you have so much expectations for it all of a sudden disappears.

"It's the most disappointing thing," he told fans in London at a launch event for the album.

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