Monday 26 August 2019

The Punt: Office politics on Dame Street

Lars Frisell
Lars Frisell

Lars Frisell's on the move again. The Central Bank Governor's special advisor is leaving for a job in the private sector. He was dubbed a "classy economist" by his former boss Patrick Honohan, who knows a thing or two about the dismal science - though what an unclassy economist looks like is anyones' guess.

Lars returned to the corridors of Dame Street early last year after a jealousy-enducing stint with the IMF in sunny Mauritius. We're not sure why he's leaving this time, though The Punt hopes he finds his next digs to his liking.

From what we hear, he certainly has an eye for prime internal real estate.

The word on Dame Street is that, when Sharon Donnery moved up the line this year from being Director of Credit Institutions to become Deputy Governor, her old role wasn't the only prime vacancy she left behind her.

Whatever about her job, we hear it was Donnery's vacated office that Frisell was sniffing around. The views are to die for, by all accounts.

The Punt understands Frisell asked Governor Philip Lane if he could move into the office, as she had moved to her swankier Deputy Governor surroundings.

Prof Lane agreed, but only temporarily, because he reckoned Donnery's replacement might end up wanting it back. We wish Frisell well, and we hope he now gets the type of office he's always dreamed of.

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