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Friday 23 August 2019

The Punt: Frogs toady up to the Brits

Frog campaign
Frog campaign

France's shameless wooing of London bankers took a surreal turn this week, with billboards put up in sites including Heathrow Airport and St Pancras, the swanky London train station served by the Eurostar.

The French are pulling out all the stops in their bid to lure banks from the City of London and Canary Wharf to La Défense, the financial district in Paris.

The French Brexit pitch includes promising sweetheart tax deals for executives, low(er) cost offices and even saying they'll let the Brits file their French paperwork in English. Mon Dieu!

It all reached a new low this week, with the billboards suggesting banks ditch "British fog" and take up with "French frogs," a campaign that suggest a frankly worrying degree of Gallic abasement. The French haven't rolled over so comprehensively since... Well, not recently, anyway.

Core blimey! PR firms in a spin

Core Media's Alan Cox set a cat among the PR pigeons when he revealed this week in the Irish Independent that the media group could look to add a public relations string to its advertising and marketing bow.

The logic looks sound. Adding PR and public affairs capabilities would cement Core Media's emergence as a full service communications agency.

The timing was fortuitous too, hitting newstands on Thursday as industry high-fliers met for the Public Relations Institute of Ireland annual conference. Speculation is now turning to Core's potential targets. There are relatively few independent firms of scale in Dublin, and the Punt hears agency owners are as mystified as anyone about who Core has its sights on.

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