Tuesday 10 December 2019

The Punt: Business sisters across the Sea

Siobhan Fitzpatrick
Siobhan Fitzpatrick

The Women in Business Network (WIBN), which has 3,000 members across the UK, is opening its first branch in Ireland. The launch takes place tomorrow in the Royal St George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire.

The WIBN opened in doors to new members in Ballsbridge last month and will have a second group launch tomorrow. In the last four years, the network has grown from eight to 22 franchises within the UK, with the Dublin launches marking a significant milestone as the first international groups for WIBN.

Lindsay Loxley, WIBN managing director, said the organisation was excited to be expanding beyond Britain.

The first Dublin groups will launch under the leadership of Siobhan Fitzpatrick, inset below, who is also a member and chair of the WIBN group in the Clapham area of London. "Following a recent move back to Ireland, I felt there was a real opportunity to offer female Irish entrepreneurs access to this fantastically supportive network," Fitzpatrick said. "Equally, the expansion will help extend the reach of UK members into Ireland and vice versa."

Beware the Belgian underworld

Spare a thought for our gallant Eurocrats whose efforts in Brussels to lift the rest of us out of the economic mire by dreaming up new taxes and rules are being slowed by a fiendish underground movement.

An army of Eurosceptic mice is keeping Commission staff from their toils in the red tape mills. Desperately-needed repairs to Brussels' transport infrastructure are on hold because the mice have eaten the blueprints.

City authorities, who host not just key European bodies but also Nato headquarters, are unable to fix tunnels because mice have eaten the original plans. News website Nieuwsblad.be reported that the plans were "stored" in a cavity under a viaduct back in 1989 as a stop-gap, and forgotten about. Rodents happened upon them and have spent decades nibbling through them. Repairs are being delayed while engineers attempt to recreate the originals.

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