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The All-New Sunday Independent Business Section


Enterprise, innovation and jobs have been key to our economic recovery. 

Businesses around the country - big and small, multinational and start-up - have delivered the jobs and growth which have put Ireland back on the right road.

But what is really going on in the world of business and how can we all make the most of our recovery?

In the new-look Sunday Business section of the Sunday Independent we will bring you the key insights for your business and your career.

-          Who are the leaders we should follow?

-          What are the new trends we need to track?

-          Where should we be looking for new opportunities?

-          When and how should we make the decisions that will shape our futures?

In business Richard Curran analyses Michael Fingleton’s pension, while Dan O’Brien looks at whether migrant workers are a gain or a drain for the economy.  Dawn Meats boss Niall Browne fleshes out a smart idea to boost the economy while Pfizer’s Irish chief Paul Reid reveals his plans for the future. Also we look at whether its better to rent or buy a home.

Sunday Business. The complete read on business.

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