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Saturday 19 October 2019

Yourtel notified of 'non-compliance' finding by Irish telecoms regulator

Yourtel entered the Irish market in 2013
(Stock image)
Yourtel entered the Irish market in 2013 (Stock image)
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

The discount telecoms firm Yourtel is again in trouble with the Irish regulator.

Comreg has notified the German-based company of a finding of non-compliance for its practice of ‘rolling over’ customer contracts for additional 12 month periods against customers’ wishes.

While Yourtel has six weeks to “state its views” on Comreg’s finding, the watchdog says that if the telco “has not complied with its obligations”, Comreg may apply to the High Court for punitive action.

Yourtel has repeatedly fallen found of telecoms rules in Ireland. Last December, it was handed a €66,000 court fine for selling non-existent services, an action pursued by Comreg.

In June of 2017, it was fined €2,500 for charging a pensioner for services it hadn’t provided.

The company offers to beat the prices of existing telephone operators such as Eir.

“The non-compliance relates to the prior notification requirements imposed on certain Yourtel customers who wished to cancel their contracts and to Yourtel’s related practice of ‘rolling over’ customer contracts for a further 12 month period against their wishes,” said a Comreg statement on the matter.

“ComReg has found that Yourtel’s procedures for contract termination acted as a disincentive to the affected customers changing service provider and terminating their contracts with Yourtel.

"The notification of non-compliance notifies Yourtel of a finding that it has failed to comply with Regulations 25(6) of the Universal Service Regulations.”

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