Friday 22 November 2019

Your new private bedroom alarm

Wake alarm Price: €250 Rating: ****

How do you set a bedroom alarm that wakes one partner without disturbing the other? Some use vibrating wrist health bands. But this ingenious device uses soundwave science and lasers to do it another way.

Wallmounted above the head of the bed, it can be programmed to wake an individual in a double bed by sensing that person's individual heat signal. It then uses ultrasonic waves that are narrow enough to hit one person and not extend as far as the other.

An accompanying LED light, aimed only at your individual head, tops off the wake-up call.

The result is that your partner gets to sleep on, undisturbed. It's still in Kickstarter phase and so won't be delivered until September. But this could solve a lot of domestic rows.

Irish Independent

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