Sunday 25 August 2019

'World, meet Jarvis' - Mark Zuckerberg introduces new AI home system he created in his spare time

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Mark Zuckerberg has introduced the world to an artificial intelligence system that he created as a "personal challenge" in his spare time.

Named after the virtual assistant in Iron Man, 'Jarvis' was built with the primary function of running Zuckerberg's home.

However, the Facebook chief indicated in his latest blog post that the Jarvis project could be the beginning of a new product.

"My goal was to learn about the state of artificial intelligence -- where we're further along than people realise and where we're still a long ways off," he wrote.

After working on the project for 100 hours in his spare time, Zuckerberg said that it proved humanity is "both closer and farther off".

"Everything I did this year -- natural language, face recognition, speech recognition and so on -- are all variants of the same fundamental pattern recognition techniques," he wrote.

"But even if I spent 1,000 more hours, I probably wouldn't be able to build a system that could learn completely new skills on its own."

Although "this challenge is ending", Jarvis has become a household staple and Zuckerberg intends to improve and develop the system "since I use it every day".

"AI is closer to being able to do more powerful things than most people expect -- driving cars, curing diseases, discovering planets, understanding media.

"Those will each have a great impact on the world, but we're still figuring out what real intelligence is," he wrote.

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