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Saturday 24 March 2018

Wise up on your broadband speeds or you'll pay the cost

SLOW: Like some broadband
SLOW: Like some broadband
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

THE ESB's plans to roll out high-speed internet to more than 500,000 homes will be music to the ears of those in rural areas who find it impossible to get broadband.

Whether you're holding out for the ESB broadband roll-out or not, if you're paying for high-speed broadband, it's worth checking if your broadband is as fast as you think it is (visit

If you're living in a rural area or far from a telephone exchange, your broadband could be a lot slower than the speed you're paying for. You could save yourself hundreds of euro a year by moving to a package which delivers the same speed broadband that your telephone line, cable or broadband connection is capable of delivering – rather than paying for a speed that you're not getting.

For example, a 24Mb broadband package could set you back as much as €49 a month, but a slower 3Mb package could set you back about €30 a month, according to

Check that you won't be hit with a cancellation fee before you switch, otherwise, it could be worth waiting until renewal before changing.

When we contacted one broadband provider, Eircom, about this issue, a spokeswoman said: "Our broadband plans go up to 24Mb and the customer promise is very much as fast as your line can go. Dependent on the distance from the exchange, the speed will vary and can be as low as 2Mb. We don't charge customers to move plans, but if a customer wants to cancel their service when they are in contract, they have to pay up the balance of their contract."

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