Sunday 20 January 2019

Why Amazon could be taking pictures of your front door

An Amazon distribution centre
An Amazon distribution centre

Joe Sommerlad

Amazon has begun trialling a new home delivery initiative that sees its drivers photographing recipient's front doors as proof the package they ordered has arrived.

The online retailer has been quietly rolling out the Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery programme in carefully chosen locations across the US over the past six months, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Oregon, Indianapolis and North Virginia.

The move is intended to address the problem of items being lost or stolen when the addressee is not at home to take delivery.

While some may find the initial concept of strangers' photographing their porch while they're out decidedly odd or even creepy, customers have the opportunity to opt out and the majority so far appear to be reassured by the scheme.

"Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery provides visual delivery confirmation - it shows customers that their package was safely delivered and where," Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish explained.

"It’s one of many delivery innovations we’re working on to improve convenience for customers."

The company last year rolled out Amazon Key, another trial system that allows couriers to actually enter your home to deliver items - a scheme that also attracted its fair share of raised eyebrows.

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