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Tuesday 20 February 2018

What’s the best iPad to buy? Here's how the Apple options stack up

iPad Pro
iPad Pro
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

This week, Apple announced a new, cheaper iPad. The 9.7-inch model starts at €419, almost €100 cheaper than the previous iPad Air 2.

It means that there are now three clear choices for iPad buyers: an iPad mini, a regular iPad or an iPad Pro.

Here’s how they stack up.


Apple iPad Pro 10
Apple iPad Pro 10
IPad Pro 13

1. iPad mini 4

This 8-inch iPad works really well as a travel screen because of its compact size. While twice the size of a large smartphone, it’s about a third smaller than the regular 9.7-inch iPad. It’s by far the lightest, thinnest iPad, too.

It has a decent pair of cameras for those who want the biggest screen as a viewfinder, although the resolution and quality stops short of the iPad Pro or iPhone 7.

Apple has just increased the storage memory of this device to 128GB, a massive upgrade. However, at €499, it’s more expensive than the 32GB version of the new 9.7-inch iPad (€419). It’s not as powerful as the other iPads, using Apple’s A8 processor.

This iPad is perfect for those with drones or who use their iPads constantly when travelling.

It costs €499 for the 128GB wifi model or €649 for the 128GB wifi plus cellular model

iPad Air 2 Plus
iPad Air 2 Plus


2. New iPad

The new iPad is the cheapest new 9.7-inch model that Apple has ever released. It’s slightly thicker than the previous iPad Air 2 model, but it comes with similar power under the hood, based on Apple’s A9 chip.

It has a really sharp retina screen and now comes with 32GB of storage memory or 128GB of storage. There is no 16GB option anymore, which is a good thing.

Interestingly, the new iPad comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack indicating that Apple may yet see some life in wired headphones.

This iPad is perfect for those who want a fast web browsing device that also makes an excellent video-viewing gadget.

It costs €419 for a 32GB wifi model or €519 for a 128GB wifi model. Wifi plus cellular models cost €160 more.


3. iPad Pro

This is the top of the iPad range. It comes in two sizes -- 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch.

Both are excellent choices for anyone who wants to replace their laptop with an iPad, especially with the addition of the Smart Keyboard (although costs an extra €169).

It has a superb, high resolution screen and more power than either of the other iPad lines with Apple’s A9X chip. This means it’s adept for advanced operations such as editing photos or videos up to ‘ultra HD’ (4K) resolution. Its storage memory options also extend to 256GB, compared to 128GB for the other models.

The iPad Pro has an excellent speaker system, with four speakers.

While the 12.9-inch model costs more, the 9.7-inch version is marginally more advanced in some features, such as its camera.

Compared to most laptops, the iPad Pro’s battery is excellent at up to 10 hours. It makes a brilliant work tool on the road.

This iPad is perfect for people who want a fast, powerful alternative to a laptop.

The 9.7-inch model costs from €699 (32GB wifi) while the 12.9-inch model costs from €919 (32GB wifi).

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