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Web Summit start up hoping Eva Longoria will tweet about life-saving bracelet

The start up company 'My QRV' is hoping that the custom product created for, and given to, Eva Longoria at the web summit, will earn them a tweet or an Instagram post from the actress.

Founder Victoria Benhaim designed a custom, gold piece for the actress.

"I designed a special one for her - 100% gold with... diamond".

"I gave it to her... and she loved it".

"I hope she will tweet me a picture of her wearing it".

Benhaim came up with the idea for a QRV bracelet - a piece of jewellery featuring an engraved QR code - as her sister is allergic to penicillin.

The QR code sents anyone who scans it to a medical history of the wearer, allowing for quick and easy access by paramedics to records of patients in times of emergency.

The QRV bracelet is designed to look like a piece of jewellery, enabling the wearer to keep the code on at all times. Benhaim designed it so her "fussy" sister would wear it.

"I made one for my sister... I hoped that she would wear it, and she does".

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