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Web Summit: Five of the best summit start-ups


MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

Poochpal founder Dan Bauer

Poochpal founder Dan Bauer


MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

The Web Summit is in full-swing at the RDS and we're predicting these to be the must-have apps of the future.

Tip Tap Tap - Ireland

The humble school-desk could be up for a technological revamp, as one Irish start-up aims to revolutionise the classroom.

Tip Tap Tap, a Cork-based technology company, has developed touch-sense desks for children aged between four and seven years. The desks will allow students to answer questions simultaneously through interactive games. The students will also be able to use the desks with tablets as well as schoolbooks.

Kevin O'Mahony, chief design officer, said a trial of the desks had been very successful in one Cork school and teachers shouldn't be worried about everyday wear and tear: "If they want to spill their orange juice on it or bang their pencil case on it, that's fine."

MUrgency - India

Accessing emergency services via an international app could be the future of healthcare, according to one India-based start-up.

Free app MUrgency aims to link healthcare professionals to emergency cases via the touch of a button.

Founder Shaffi Mathar said MUrgency would particularly improve emergency care in the developing world.


Poochpal founder Dan Bauer

Poochpal founder Dan Bauer

Poochpal founder Dan Bauer

The app had been tested for the past 18 months, and has so far responded to 300,000 emergency calls.

"We are enrolling doctors, nurses, EMTs paramedics...then uploading them to the network and making them available to any emergency at any time with the tap of a mobile phone," he added.

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Lunchback - Sweden

Pitching a winning idea can be daunting, but a new Swedish app could provide just the help needed for "the price of a lunch".

Lunchback, which is free to download, pairs students and budding entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors in their chosen field.

Users begin by setting up a profile detailing their interests, areas of expertise and ideas they need help with.

The app then pairs them with other users who may be able to offer advice over lunch.

"450 lunches have been booked through the app over the past three months," said co-founder Ming Zhao.

The app has already won awards and has successfully taken root in its native country.

Mr Zhao is now working to ensure the app becomes a fixture on smartphones in all European cities next year.

Poochpal - UK

A Tinder-style friend finder for dogs is the latest animal app to attract attention.

UK-based app Poochpal hopes to link like-minded canines and their owners for walkies in their area.

Founder Dan Bauer said: "It's about doing stuff with your dog and meeting other dogs you can do things with," he said. Since launching at the end of October, the app has attracted 20,000 users - 60pc of whom are female.

"We've had quite a few women using the app because they are afraid to go walking alone for safety reasons," said Mr Bauer.

"Many are worried about taking their dogs for a walk at night-time."

Maven46 - Ireland

The frustrating gap between spotting the perfect dress in a magazine and trying to buy it online could be filled by a new Irish fashion website.

Founders Tanya Grimson and Agata Stoinska have over 20 years experience in publishing and fashion, and are now turning their attention to their fashion website, Maven46.

The platform will allow readers to buy products that catch their eye in the site's articles.


MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

MUrgency founder Shaffi Mathar

"I would get calls from people looking for products that weren't available anymore," said Tanya. "So there was a disconnect, and maybe a dishonesty, between what you were seeing and what you could actually get." The site is now live, and features photo shoots, editorials and lifestyle pieces.

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