Wednesday 18 September 2019

VIDEO: Could this robot mean we could all work from home? Double Robotics founder David Cann seems to think so

David Cann - Double Robotics
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Is this the solution for those wishing to work or study remotely?

A telepresence robot aimed at students and employees will mean they will never miss out on lectures, meetings or general interaction with other people even though they might be thousands of miles away from their place of work or study.

According to Double Robotics founder David Cann, the 'Double' will allow them to telecommunicate at work all around the world.

And David himself is using it to it's full potential for this year's Web Summit.

"it's a very natural interaction unlike being on a wall in a conference room. Now you can be just another person in a meeting and talk to people in the hallway or by the water cooler," he told at the Web Summit via his 'Double'.

David is currently in California but is meeting with people at the Web Summit.

"We have a lot of great customers all around the world including GE and LinkedIn, and we have a lot of schools.

"I'm right now in California at our offices and it's middle of the night here. But I'm attending the Web Summit conference via a Double and I can drive around anywhere I want on the Double and talk to anyone I want."

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