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New messaging app allows you to take back texts you regret

Messaging app 'On Second Thought' allows you to 'take back' a message you regret sending - and works with normal SMS and MMS.

CEO and founder Maci Peterson (27) is at the Web Summit this week to close the seeding round of funding for the app, which won first prize at South By South West back in March.

The idea didn't come from a bad texting experience but when she finally had one, she realised how good an idea it was.

"Originally, I didn't have the heart-wrenching moment of experience but then I was organising a first date with a very Christian guy..."

"I text him to arrange to meet and asked him was he in DC or ML (Maryland) - which are right beside each other - and my phone auto-corrected to ask him was he in DC or in me!"

"He replied to say he was with his grandmother!"


Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought


Maci Peterson of On Second Thought

The app allows users to set a time in which they can recall the message before the recipient receives it - up to 60 seconds.

Another feature the app boasts is a curfew feature, which allows the user to set a time of night after which message will be 'embargoed' until the next morning. The user then approves or removes the messages, allowing people to save themselves late-night potential blushes.

The Android version of the app is launching in several days and the iOS app will follow in six weeks.

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"We are ready to launch. We've been told that we've built much faster than most a startups - the whole process has taken just six months".

The app is free to download and works with normal messaging - the recipient does not need to have the app for it to work.

"People in Ireland have absolutely loved the idea - it's been incredible. Our cab driver even took our cards to distribute to his passengers".

The next phase is to integrate the app into existing popular chat apps.

"We have some really exciting things coming in 2015".

One of the top shows in the US have signed the app on for a popular reality show - the cast, "who do a lot of texting", will be using the app as  their primary messenger.

"We've been signed for seventeen episodes - the whole season".

"It's very exciting ... it's a blessing".

This is Peterson's second business, the first being a magazine she grew to a readership of 130,000.

"That was my crash course for learning - they don't teach you this in college!"

"You don't have to have an academic business background to have a startup or be entrepreneurial you just have to surround yourself by really good people - and admit what you don't know, because people are always happy to help and teach you".

You can follow On Second Thought on Twitter here or head to their website to be the first to get the app.