Tuesday 20 August 2019

From Desperate Housewives to a stock trading blogger...and all by age 19

Rachel G Fox
Rachel G Fox
Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

RACHEL G Fox is 19, and describes herself as "an actor and a stock trader/finance blogger".

Given that hyperbole sometimes threatens to collapse the entire Web Summit structure, it would be easy to dismiss her as just another wannabe.

Dig a little deeper, however, and you learn that was named one of Time Magazine's 25 Most Influential Teens of last year, so as well as talking the talk, the young woman - known to 'Desperate Housewives' fans as Kayla Scavo - is able to walk the walk.

"I teach young people about personal finance, people from their teens to their 30s," she tells a packed audience at the StartUp University Summit.

"I don't specifically say 'buy this' or 'invest in that'. I think people should always think for themselves, but I throw out different finance ideas, different investment ideas."

Fox, who was home-schooled in the US, started trading when she was 15, and has been trading stocks, futures and options - all of which she learned about from online sources.

Her blog, Fox on Stocks, has proved to be hugely-successful, and the teenager has also created the MyGenLoves index, which tracks a couple of dozen firms that would be interest to the youth market, such as Urban Outfitters.

She says her investments earn her a 64pc annual return.

Today, she was speaking at a 'Young, brilliant and under 23: meet the leaders of today' talk.

"I thought young people would like to invest with the help of a young person," she says simply.

Her age has ensured criticism from some quarters, but she has learned to laugh it off

"It's always a bit of a struggle but if you're doing the right things and doing them for a reason, it kind of holds no water," she said.

Not that she hasn't had setbacks - admitting she lost a significant amount of cash in 24 hours at one point when an investment went bad. She doesn't dwell on it.

"No, I think I blocked it out, I was probably depressed," she says.

Many over the age of 20 seeing what she has already achieved may feel something similar.

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