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Farmflo - making life on the farm flow easier


A software application designed to tackle the ‘red tape’ is making life on the farm flow easier.

Donegal brothers, Jason and Gareth Devenney, created Farmflo back in 2011 as the quantity of paperwork due to EU regulations soared.

The pair said they were spending hours at night keeping records up to date for fear of doing something wrong and not being compliant.

In a bid to keep ‘T’s were crossed and the ‘I’s were dotted Jason, a software developer, and Jason, a farmer, created an application which became Farmflo.

It helps farmers record what they’re doing as they’re doing it, with all the data up to date ready for inspectors.

At first it was only used on the family farm, but farming friends later asked if they could also use it.

By the middle of 2013, 200 farmers had signed up for a trial, with 500 farmers now using the application across Ireland and the UK.

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