Saturday 7 December 2019

Emmett Cooke’s talent has American TV X-factor

Emmett Cooke, founder of Music for Media
Emmett Cooke, founder of Music for Media

Emmett Cooke was a process analyst at Waterford's giant TalkTalk call centre when it shut down on September 7th, 2011. 575 jobs were lost.

Cooke dusted himself off and set about starting a new online music venture called Music For Media. He fused his passions for music and technology and created a company to licence his own music to film studios, television producers and advertising companies.

Using a PC he built himself, 28-year-old Cooke now creates, distributes and sells his product digitally from a studio with a PC he built himself.

"If you watch the part in America's Got Talent where they give a sob story about their horrible upbringing, that's when you'll hear my music in the background," he said.

Cooke's start-up is also responsible for music used in US President Barack Obama's television ads and commercials by Peter Mark, Ralph Lauren and others.

"The business is going really well now," he said.

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