Sunday 25 August 2019

'Conscious' smart home that alerts users via phone less than 10 years away

Your phone can control many Smart Home features.
Your phone can control many Smart Home features.
Gavin McLoughlin

Gavin McLoughlin

A “conscious” smart home is about 5-10 years away, according to the maker of a internet-connected security device that monitors various activities in the home and alerts users via their smartphone if something is amiss.

Chris Rill of Canary said a true smart home would be able to take account of things that are happening in the environment and adjust itself accordingly.

“I think the smart home of the future really is about five or ten years off. We see the market that point solutions – devices that are solving actual problems like access control, knowing what’s going on in the home – those are the products that are really in fashion today,” he said.

“And then, when we talk about the smart home, what we’re really talking about is the conscious home, where context rules your environment. It’s never been easier to control the things in your home but having your home act on your behalf is still a couple of years away, because it’s all about context. Is your teenager coming home in the middle of the night?  Is that happening all the time? So for your home to really be able to be delightful for you, it has to have sensors all over the home.”

Mr Rill was joined onstage by Jason Johnson, chief executive of smartphone-controlled home lock maker August, and Matt Van Horn, chief executive of “smart oven” maker June.

June’s oven sends users a text when their dinner is ready.

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