Tuesday 20 March 2018

We will find aliens 'by 2025'

A SENIOR astronomer has told a conference that we will make contact with aliens within two dozen years.

The astronomer – Seth Shostak – has shocked skeptics by his remarks, made at a Yahoo-organised conference in California.

"We'll find ET within two dozen years," said Seth, adding that his theory was based on a mixture of equations under Moore's Law and equipment that is likely to become available within the next few years.

Shostak is part of the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project, based in California, which is primarily focused on looking for life in space.

Originally funded by NASA, the US space agency cut its support for the body when it failed to produce any concrete results. Over the last decade, Shostak’s SETI has been a non-profit organization, using innovative methods to secure its future.

It is currently asking computer users to aid its research into radio waves, by using ther equipment to search for ET life.

“Why let your home computer waste millions of CPU cycles running a screen saver when it could be analyzing SETI data?” it asks on its website.

Computer users from around the world are being asked to participate in this “major scientific experiment” through its SETI@home project.

This experiment is tied in with Shostak’s belief that we will be able to reach as far out as 500 light years into space by 2025 to find evidence of life, possibly through access to through radio broadcasts.

Shostak will use the Allen Telescope Array, funded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen, in conjunction with the university at Berkeley, California, to see if he can detect life in outer space.

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