Monday 24 June 2019

Watch: HP's new-and-improved Sprocket could beat off its PC peers in Christmas sales

New Edition Sprocket Photo Printer
New Edition Sprocket Photo Printer
Tango printer
Spectre x360 13
Spectre Folio
Omen headset
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

HP's Sprocket sought to reinvent the print category for the millennial community - and the tech group's latest iteration of the product seems to be keeping up with their constantly evolving demands.

The development of the pocket photo printer - a mobile, social-linked product that can print customised photos on-the-go - has been perhaps the most visible influence of the younger generation of HP's latest offerings.

In keeping with the fast-paced market, a new model (helpfully called the HP Sprocket New Edition) has been released with more features to coincide with the updated social media platforms - and to make it even easier to use.

Managing Director for HP in Ireland Gary Tierney attended a showcase event for the group's newest range of consumer and commercial devices, including the latest HP OMEN gaming devices and accessories. But it might be the newest Sprocket that will win out in the Christmas sales competition.

Tierney told that, in sizing up the market for the older Sprocket model for Christmas last year, they got it a little wrong.

"It was four times bigger than we had anticipated. We had built plans to be really aggressive but trying to built and scale those things in advance is a tough thing to do. The product itself last year sold off the shelf and we were out of product by the end of January," he said.

The new palm-sized printer can now be used by multiple people simultaneously, with an LED light flashing a different colour depending on which user's phone it is connected to for printing.

HP has updated the look of the printer, moving the logo to the side to allow more space for design, which comes in three new colours: Luna Pearl, Noir, and Blush.

Augmented reality (AR) comes into play with the new device while you're waiting in the queue, you can point your phone at the printer and see where you are in the printing line using the HP Sprocket App.

'Live' photos are not lost either; print snapshots taken from video can be brought to life using AR and the HP Sprocket App also.

As a product that really connects with what the millennial community are looking for, Tierney said that his team have "aggressive plans for this Christmas season".

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"Even with the development of the app itself, releasing continuous updates keeping everything fresh and keeping connected with those users. That's also a great feedback mechanism on what the customers actually want.

"Print was something we thought we'd lost with that younger consumer - but the Sprocket has reinvented the print category for that community."

Enhanced print quality is something that the newer Sprocket has on its predecessor but HP recommends the app-based Tango printer for the real deal.

Development of consumer "expression" is a key consideration in product design across HP's entire range of PC and print products and the Tango - and the Spectre Folio - live up to this approach.

The world’s first leather convertible PC, the Spectre Folio converts between three distinct positions, and doesn't disappoint when it comes to performance.

"We've set the Folio forth as addressing both millennials, high powered users, senior managers, it can span a wide range of users...we're testing to see if this disruptive design can potentially make an impact that other metals didn't. To bring that classic retro look of leather into an IT world." 

HP also showcased their latest Spectre x360 iterations: the HP Spectre x360 13 which promises the world’s longest battery life in a quad-core convertible and gigabit-class 4G LTE; and world’s most powerful Spectre convertible laptop, the HP Spectre x360.

Over the last few years, HP have identified that gaming is a sector they needed to take a closer look at, and created a whole new brand 'Omen' aimed at gaming specifically, where "performance beyond anything else is critical".

The latest offering in the Omen range is the Omen Mindframe Headset, which is designed with an active cooling solution that keeps gamers' warm ears cool.

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