Sunday 15 December 2019

US tech interns get €7,000 a month plus housing

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Computer programmers are in very high demand in Silicon Valley. Before they even graduate, these lucky few will probably be earning more than you do.

While interns in some industries must find a way to live in some of the most expensive cities in the world on tiny expenses, those in the high tech sector seem to be doing far better.

A list of salaries apparently offered for undergraduate interns shows that many are making six figures a year in US dollars.

The figures were apparently collated by a "friend" of Tiffany Zhong, the founder of image-sharing app Glimpse, and posted on Twitter.

The numbers show that an intern at Quora can expect to earn $8,250 a month, plus a $1,500 housing allowance. That equates to €7,000 a month, or €84,000 a year - although interns tend to only work for part of the year.

Google is reportedly offering $7,000 a month. Amazon in San Francisco has one of the most generous offers, paying $7,500 a month in salary and $3,500 a month in housing allowances.

It is thought that the data was compiled from an intern currently seeking a position on sites like Glassdoor, which posts salaries revealed by current interns anonymously.

Technology companies are usually tight-lipped about the pay packages that they offer. If accurate, the figures reveal the huge pay gap between the average national salary in the US of $44,000 and pay in the tech sector.

The list also shows that interns can earn $7,500 per month with Pinterest, while Dropbox offers $8,500 per month plus up to $5,000 in housing allowances.

Linkedin, meanwhile, pays $44 per hour to interns (which amounts to $7,600 per month) while Apple pays $6,000 per month plus $3,500 for housing costs.

Microsoft, according to the figures, pays $7,500 per month plus $2,500 housing, but also pays a 'bonus' $5,000 for students who return as interns.

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