Friday 23 March 2018

UFC Undisputed 3 X360/PS3

In marked contrast to the pantomime that is WWE, there's no fakery at play in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

It may not have the same high profile or melodramatic production values as wrestling -- and you have to seek it out on premium sports channels -- but if your viewing tastes crave the brutal reality of fighters actually hurting each other, then UFC easily trumps the antics of Jon Cena, Sheamus and co.

This sport of mixed martial arts never got the game it deserved until now. Undisputed 3 brings all of the right elements together -- improved career mode, newcomer-friendly options, higher polish -- in a package stuffed with content.

Optionally simplified controls enable noobs to get up to speed with the complex range of moves available to each fighter and your trainer will bellow useful tips.

Slicker animation and a clutch of live video clips from real UFC stars reinforce the feeling that Undisputed 3 is the closest you'll get to jumping into the cage with a man intent on knocking your block off with feet, fists, elbows, whatever.

Shank 2


RATING: 7.5/10

The original download-only brawler took its inspiration from Tarantino and the grindhouse movie genre -- all gory bloodletting and stylish kills amid a hand-drawn side-scroller.

This sequel contents itself with refining the formula, but it's still largely a procession of enemies to be pounced on and maimed in imaginative fashion -- chainshaw or frying pan anyone?

Slick and frantic with some great boss fights, Shank 2 is a cut above many other downloadable titles.

But repetition and the lack of a coherent storyline chip away at its addictive qualities.

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP

Nintendo 3DS

RATING: 5/10

No matter how many times you read that title, you're unlikely to understand it. The game is similar.

Voiced in Japanese with English subtitles and based on a manga cartoon you've probably never heard of, none of that would matter if the gameplay -- pirates exploring an island, collecting treasure and bashing enemies -- was much cop.

It's not.

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