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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Trying to grow your business internationally? Facebook just made it that bit easier

Facebook. Photo: Stock
Facebook. Photo: Stock
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Facebook have rolled out a number of solutions aimed at assisting businesses on their platform as they expand internationally.

Four new cross-border tools have been unveiled with the intention of helping these firms to grow, no matter how far their intended reach may be.


1) Dynamic-language optimisation

In an effort to reach users in countries whose native language is different than the firm's country of origin, businesses can now place multiple languages within one ad set, Facebook matches the right language to the right user.

"This solution also makes budgeting across different languages easier, as Facebook will optimise for the best performance based on your total budget and campaign objective," read a post from the social media giant.

2) Multi-country Lookalikes

For advertisers, this is taking the international Lookalike feature, where the best customers in one country can be found, to the next level.

Multi-country Lookalikes allows business to find their next best customers not just in one country, but also in a combination of countries which they are targeting.

3) Multi-city targeting

Again, this new solution is all about connecting firms with the customer that's right for them. This tool helps businesses reach people in multiple cities based on population size.

An advertiser can automatically select all the cities in a country, region or even worldwide based on population. Without the research or the time to add each city individually.

4) FBIQ Cross-Border Business Insights Finder

Actionable insights is what this new tool provides. By offering comparative country data based on past-campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network platforms, businesses of all sizes can explore and unlock new growth opportunities in a more informed way. 

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