Friday 24 May 2019

Three strikes – but not out of Eircom yet


Adrian Weckler Technology Editor

EIRCOM has not cut off any customers under its anti-piracy three-strikes rule, despite the controversial measure being in place almost four years.

However, the operator has declined to disclose how many warning letters it has sent out to customers suspected of unlawful filesharing.

Under the system adopted by Eircom in 2010, customers suspected of sharing copyrighted material online are sent warning letters threatening disconnection from their broadband service. After a third warning letter, customers are disconnected for 12 months.

A spokesman for the operator, which remains the biggest broadband provider in the State with over 700,000 subscribers, said that it had not yet implemented any disconnections.

"We are continuing to implement the graduated response process," said the spokesman. "We haven't, as yet, disconnected anyone. We don't share details on the number of letters issued."

Sources close to the company said that many who received warning letters were believed to have desisted from suspected filesharing.

The three-strikes system is heavily supported by music companies Universal, Warner, Sony and EMI.

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